Mountains and Lakes

Canada became a “someday” destination in 2013, my first summer of riding. After five summers of prowling the Western United States, I decided that “someday” had better become “now” because I’m not getting younger. As it happened, Canada made this particular ride perhaps the most well-balanced, in terms of scenery, of my summer tours thus far. After riding through miles of Oregon’s lonely high mountain desert, meandering through lush Willamette Valley farmland, enjoying the Oregon and Washington coastal terrain, and skirting rain forests on Washington’s peninsula, I crossed our northern border ready for a few days of imposing mountains and lakes that stretch on…and on…and on! Canada and Idaho, here I come. Please join me.

A Resting (and Meeting) Place

A Resting (and Meeting) Place
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The rest stop at the intersection of Hwys 12 and 127 is familiar to most riders in my part of the world, and, as it turns out, is also a place to meet riders I've become acquainted with in places far from it. While I was parked there, a pickup trailering an Africa Twin pulled up and I heard the driver shout, "Hey, Suzanne." It was Keith, a rider I'd met while touring Oregon earlier in the year. He greeted me by saying, "I saw the bike and your ponytail scrunchies, and I knew it had to be you!" He and his wife were on their way to ride the Macgruder Corridor, an historic, 101-mile, single-lane, mostly-unimproved road that winds through a vast undeveloped area in Idaho and Montana...and is a Bucket List ride for at least some of us.

I hope you enjoyed the ride!