Coast & Canal

Unlike previous tours, I had planned this one around visiting with friends I rarely saw, then chosen scenic routes to link those visits. Corvallis was on my route only because a friend I hadn’t seen in 15 years was there for a conference. We spent Saturday remembering our “then” stories and telling each other our “now” stories as we walked, shopped, ate, and sipped the pear brandy I had gifted her when I’d last seen her; she had brought it with her from New York so we could enjoy it together, in honor of long-ago hours spent doing just that during evenings by my fireplace. Sunday morning, I loaded Kate, hugged my friend, and headed toward the Oregon coast with the new hat and sunglasses she had helped me choose tucked into my luggage. In combination, they are so totally “glamour-girl-ish” that the first time I wore them after my return home, a man who sees me almost daily didn’t recognize me until I spoke. I didn’t learn much about Corvallis, but I will remember and cherish our reunion each time I don that hat.

Housekeeping on the Road

Housekeeping on the Road
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I had planned to stay with yet another friend in Bellingham, but her plans changed so I decided to spend the night a little closer to the border. The Lynden/Bellingham KOA proved a great place to do chores and Kate lent a hand with the laundry. After a couple hours in the KOA's common room, charging my gadgets and studying my maps, I turned in filled with anticipation for my first ride on the Canadian mainland.

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