Getting Lost, Time Travel, A Do-Over, and Other Delights

When I first began thinking about where I wanted to ride in 2018, Central Oregon was not on my list. Then came a call from a cherished friend in New York. She was coming to Corvallis for a conference and might I be able to swing by for a visit? I hadn’t seen her in nearly 20 years so, suddenly, riding 400 miles through a part of Oregon I’d felt “Done With!” seemed like a great idea. But how to make the ride feel fresh? I decided that a good start would be to stay at a campground I’d discovered in 2015, during my first tour on a Suzuki V-Strom I’d just purchased. At the time I envisioned myself in the wilds of Patagonia…a Bonafide Adventure Rider exploring earth’s wild places. How that turned out is actually part of this story.

Almost the End of a Satisfying Day

Almost the End of a Satisfying Day
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It was nearly 4 PM when I reached Prineville. I hadn't eaten since breakfast and my destination, Corvallis, was still about 150 miles away. Urals are not speed machines, especially on curvy roads. It was after 6 PM when I stopped at Foster Lake for a last look at the Deschutes National Forest, and nearly 8 PM when I parked the bike in Corvallis, anticipating a wonderful day off the road, in the company of a dear friend.

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