3 States, 2 Countries, 1 Province

Happy again on Catherine the Absolutely Great (aka Kate)

MEET KATE. She’s the burgundy one with a sidecar. And she’s the reason I can still roam the beautiful “Outbacks” I love so much.

In 2017, after a September crash that could easily have killed me or broken my neck, I admitted to myself that I began riding dirt way too late to ever become the accomplished adventure rider I dreamed of being. Truthfully, coming to terms with that required a month or so of depressed mornings during which just crawling out of bed was a feat. Then, late October, I awoke with one exciting thought: Ural.  For this aging woman who could no longer manage her 500-pound Suzuki V-Strom in the dirt, the Russian-made motorcycle, designed to go exactly where I want to be and roomy enough to carry everything I need to camp in comfort, is a miracle.  No more worries about my bike pinning me in the dust of some lonely road. No more breathtaking views left unrecorded in pixels because I couldn’t find a flat place to park the bike.

Join Kate and me for the photo story of our first tour together, a 1700-mile circle encompassing Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and Idaho. Thirteen great days of reconnecting with old friends and new ones, exploring unfamiliar landscapes, and stashing memories.

A ride complete with diverse landscapes, a few tense moments, good times with old friends and new, a pig named Happy, and clouds of bees.

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NOTE: Please be patient if the photo galleries in this 3-part story aren’t immediately visible. They sometimes load slowly.