Love, Loss, and Living

Riding injured changed everything, but though for days I felt as if I had forgotten how to ride and was constantly afraid, I didn’t give up. I did, however, reroute to avoid several gravel roads I had planned to ride. It wasn’t just a matter of how unnerved the crash had left me; I could no longer stand on the pegs, and on a top-heavy bike like the V-Strom, doing so is a critical strategy for stability.

I’m glad that I kept going. The Montana I saw during the last three weeks of my tour was quite different from the mountainous areas through which I had been riding. And I loved it all!

Jesse at Hells Canyon...

Jesse at Hells Canyon...
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...and the view due east. Best of all, I'm only about 60 miles from home and some real food! It had been a hard ride and I was coming home a different rider. I had not fully recovered my confidence after we crashed, and I had begun to fear my top-heavy bike. I had dreamed of adventuring in the wilds of Patagonia, but if a flat Montana road could bring me down, riding south to "the end of the earth" was unlikely to become a reality. I clearly wasn't ready, and I could no longer fool myself that another year or two could remedy that, given my age. Some dreams just arrive too late in life, it seems. A different rider, Yes, but not a beaten one!