Sometimes the Photos ARE the Story

Ultimately, our sense of who we are depends upon moments that touch something important within and thus homestead in our minds as memories. If we are lucky, we’ll wind up with a photograph that recalls to us the story of what made a moment memorable. My camera is the first thing I pack when I decide to go wandering. And while I will never be hired by National Geographic, my photographs do capture moments in my travels that I want always to remember. I share them in these galleries in the hope that the stories they tell will communicate to you at least some of the joy that wandering holds for me— and perhaps inspire you to begin doing more of whatever holds Joy for you.

June 2015 ~ Falling in Love With Montana

I’ve been in love with Montana from the moment of my first, spectacular view of it from atop Thompson Pass. And like Steinbeck’s, this love affair defies analysis. Is it the “great splash of grandeur” (Steinbeck again) this state embodies? Perhaps, but it seems to me there is also a different energy here than any other place I’ve known. I can’t capture it with a camera, but if you’ve spent any time at all in Montana, perhaps your own experience will breathe a little of it into these photos. (Continue the story)

July/August 2017 ~ Eastern Montana

In this 2-part Wanderlust Story, Jesse (my Suzuki V-Strom) and I spend five weeks riding 5,000 miles as I wander around Montana east of the Rockies, visiting towns Ivan Doig wrote about in his wonderful books portraying life in this state that I love. We take on Montana’s back country roads and I have an experience that begins a shift in how I think of myself as a rider. (Continue the story)

July 2018 ~ 3 States, 2 Countries, 1 Province

MEET KATE. She’s the burgundy one with a sidecar. And she’s the reason I can still roam the beautiful “Outbacks” I love so much. Our first big tour together was a big loop through parts of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, and Canada. See the map in the introduction, then follow the link to the next part of the story. (Continue the story)

July 2019 ~ Montana Revisited

I could not have been happier the morning Kate and I headed back to a state I love. And it outdid all expectations! Thanks to a late, wet winter, it was greener than I’d ever seen it, and except for a few days of rain, I enjoyed four weeks of the best possible riding weather. (Continue the story)