My Story – Born to Wander and Wonder

An aspiration. Something you long to do but haven’t yet done.

An exciting or unusual (at least for you) and possibly risky activity, trip or experience.

I have always sought adventure. I grew up in a small Eastern Oregon town where no one locked their doors and folks I’d never met knew whose kid I was because I looked like My Dad The Dentist. Curious but shy, I spent my summers in solo exploration—on a bike or a horse—of the rural valley and mountains surrounding my home, wondering what they had looked like to the first explorers and wishing I’d been around to join Lewis and Clark. So long as I was home to set the table when the Community Church carillon chimed a six o’clock hymn, my adventures were uncurtailed.

When my father sent me off to nursing school in my first car, a ’57 Chevy Bel Air, I often spent weekends pointing it in directions I’d never explored. Wandering became something I couldn’t imagine living without. I dreamed of discovering the world on roads less traveled. But by the time I graduated, my courage was already being eroded by the same fearfulness that had always ruled my father’s life. So I acquiesced to the life that others told me was right for me…and spent the next forty years feeling empty and wondering when my real life would begin. I know a thing or two about forgetting who you are! Then, on his deathbed, my father unintentionally changed my life by showing me how fear had ruined his. And ever since, I have been rediscovering those roads, both on the map and within myself, and joyfully roaming them.

These days I’m an aging woman who regrets the decades I wasted being afraid, and a determined woman who understands that courage is the keystone that locks the arch of one’s life into a meaningful whole. I am also a Life Coach who helps others find the courage to begin living their own dreams…NOW. If you would like to know more about that, drop me a line